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  • 23 / 11 / 2020
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Week:  23->27 November 2020

Here is the news of the week at SHAPE 2020 :

·       Fences at Ottawa


This week, we will be putting up the barriers around the buildings to be demolished in the Ottawa area.

·       Fences at Mercure


We will extend the barriers in the Mercure area to allow the following constructions.

·       Asbestos Removal in Ottawa 2

This week we continue asbestos removal in Ottawa 2.

·        Concrete pour at Rogers

This Wednesday, we are pouring concrete for a new house foundation at Rogers. Trucks are likely to cause slight disturbances in the parking lot in front of Rogers 2.

For more information: contact us at 0490 58 93 38, at the following email address: shape.village@bpcwallonie.be, or on https://shape-village.com/en/.