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  • 07 / 12 / 2020
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Week:  07 -> 11 December 2020

Here is the news of the week at SHAPE 2020:

·       Concrete pour for foundations


This Thursday, we will pour concrete for the foundation of house number 21.


·       Asbestos Removal in Ottawa 4


Following the removal of asbestos from Ottawa Block 2, we are beginning the removal of asbestos from Ottawa Block 4, The road in front of the building will be temporarily blocked to allow work to proceed safely.

·       New foundations at Stone and Mercure

As part of our second sub-phase of construction, we are preparing the foundations for the new Stone and Mercure houses.

For more information: contact us at 0490 58 93 38, at the following email address: shape.village@bpcwallonie.be, or on https://shape-village.com/en/.