• 18 / 04 / 2024
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Closure of Ridgway, Haig & Goodpaster streets
Asphalt works

Due to the bad weather conditions, the asphalt works initially scheduled for Friday (19/04) and Monday (22/04) have been postponed from Monday to Wednesday (22-24/04).
(unless bad weather conditions)

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, 

As part of the reconstruction of the SHAPE-Village, we are going to place the asphalt on Ridgway, Haig and Goodpaster streets, so these roads will be closed for the following days:

* From 22/04 (Monday mornong) to 24/04 (Wednesday morning) for Ridgway and Goodpaster streets (in red on the map below).

* From 23/04 (Tuesday morning) to 24/04 (Wednesday morning) for Haig Street (in green on the map below).

Before the road closures, signage will be installed to inform of the closure of these streets to vehicles and the forbidding of parking on them.

During these works, we invite you to park in the adjacent streets (at the parking spaces of the houses on Huygens street, at n°1 & 3 of Hippocratis street and at n° 46 & 48 of the Lisbon avenue, in blue on the map below).

We apologize for the disturbing, and we thank you in advance for your cooperation, which is essential for the smooth progress of the work.

if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contract us on 065/72 37 31.
We stay at your disposal.