SHAPE 2020 - News

  • 02 / 02 / 2023
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Area 600

Completion of planting and vegetation

Here is the schedule for the finalization of the plantations:

- Planters, trees, and hedges completed by the end of February

- grass to be planted in March


Installation of the public lighting

We are currently installing the new street lights in the entire 600 area.


Installation of road signs

We will soon be installing the new traffic signs in 600 area. An explanation of how the new 20 km/h zones work will follow in a separate publication.


Finalization of the roadways and sidewalks

 At the end of February, we will complete the asphalt on the sidewalk along Reykjavik Avenue.


Area 800

Trenching and earthwork of the A12 block

We are currently working on the connection trench between Moniz Street and Lisbon Avenue.